Streets in Springfield (IL) with first char S

List of streets in Springfield (Illinois state) with first character S. Found 279 streets.

S 10 1/2 St
S 10th St
S 11th St
S 12th St
S 13th St
S 14th St
S 15th St
S 16th St
S 17th St
S 18th St
S 19th St
S 1st St
S 23rd St
S 24th St
S 25th St
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
S 4th St
S 4th Street Ct
S 5th St
S 6th St
S 6th Street Rd
S 7th St
S 8th St
S 9th St
S Adelia St
S Airport Dr
S Allis St
S Amos Ave
S Barrett St
S Bates Ave
S Bay Ln
S Bradfordton Rd
S Buhr Mill Ct
S Camp Butler Rd
S Chase Dr
S Christmas Seal Dr
S Cleveland Ave
S Club House Dr
S Cog Mill Ct
S College St
S Columbia Ave
S Corbin St
S Cressey St
S Daniels Ave
S David St
S Dirksen Pkwy
S Dixon St
S Douglas Ave
S Durkin Dr
S Elm Ave
S English Ave
S Feldkamp Ave
S Ferainda Trl
S Fillmore St
S Fox Mill Ln
S Fremont St
S Glenwood Ave
S Grand Ave E
S Grand Ave W
S Hazel Dell
S Henrietta St
S Hoover Ave
S Illini Rd
S Illinois St
S Koke Mill Rd
S Lewis St
S Lincoln Ave
S Livingston St
S Loveland Ave
S Lowell Ave
S Macarthur Blvd
S Martin Luther King Jr Dr
S Mccreery Ave
S Meadowbrook Rd
S Milan Rd
S New St
S Noble Ave
S Oaklane Rd
S Old Covered Bridge Ln
S Old Route 66
S Old State Capitol Plz
S Oxford Rd
S Palmer St
S Park Ave
S Parker Ave
S Pasfield St
S Paul St
S Perkins Ct
S Pope Ave
S Price Ave
S Renfro St
S Restreli St
S Rita Ave
S Rose Hill Ave
S Sherman Blvd
S Spring St
S State St
S Stephenson Ln
S Street Ct
S Thayer St
S Veterans Pkwy
S Walnut St
S Welch Ave
S Wesley St
S Wheeler Ave
S Whittier Ave
S Wiggins Ave
S Willemore Ave
S Wirt Ave
S Woodward St
Saddle Mill Dr
Sage Ln
Saint Andrews Dr
Saint Annes Dr
Saint Cabrini Ct
Saint Francis Dr
Saint Helens Ct
Saint James Ct
Saint James Rd
Saint Lukes Ct
Saint Marys Ct
Salem Rd
Salome Ave
Saltcedar Ct
Sand Hill Rd
Sandgate Rd
Sandhill Rd
Sandpiper Dr
Sandwood Dr
Sandy Ln
Sangamo Heights Rd
Sangamon County Building
Sangamon County Complex
Santa Clara Dr
Sarah Ave
Saratoga Dr
Sarona Rd
Satinwood Dr
Sauk Dr
Saul Bellow Ln
Savory Ln
Savoy Dr
Sawbill Dr
Sawgrass Dr
Saxon Dr
Saxony Rd
Scarbrough Rd
Scarlet Ln
Scarlett Pl
Schoolhouse Ln
Schooner Dr
Scott Ct
Se Old State Capitol Plz
Seacroft Rd
Sebring Rd
Selfick Ln
Selinger St
Selkirk Rd
Seminole Dr
Sequoia Ct
Sequoia Dr
Seton Dr
Settlers Ln
Seven Pines Rd
Shabbona Dr
Shadow Chaser Dr
Shadowfax Dr
Shale St
Shalegh Dr
Shaler Rd
Sharon Dr
Shawnee Dr
Sheffield Rd
Shelley Dr
Shennadoh Dr
Shepherd Rd
Shepwood St
Sherborn Rd
Sheridan St
Sheriffs Plz
Sherman St
Sherwood St
Shetland Dr
Shiloh Dr
Shoshoni Dr
Sidener Ln
Silver Mill Ct
Silver Rod Dr
Silver Spring Dr
Silver Stone Ct
Silverlake Ct
Singer Ave
Skipton Rd
Skyline Dr
Skyview Dr
Sloe Rd
Smyth Dr
Smythberry Ln
Solar Ave
Soleil Ave
Somerset Rd
Somerton Rd
Sonoma Dr
Sorrento Villa
Southern Hills Ln
Southgate Dr
Southport Ln
Southwoods Rd
Spanish Trce
Spartan Pl
Spaulding Orchard Rd
Spindell Dr
Spotsylvania Rd
Spring Mill Dr
Springbrook Dr
Springcreek Dr
Springer Ln
Springfield St
Springwood Dr
Spyglass Dr
Squires Rd
Stagecoach Rd
Stange Ave
Stanhope Rd
Stanton St
Star Ave
Starnes Addition St
Stearman Rd
Steeplechase Ln
Steiler Pl
Stelte Ln
Stephenson Ln
Stirrup Ln
Stockton Dr
Stockyard Rd
Stokebridge Rd
Stone Bridge Rd
Stone Rd
Stone Valley Dr
Stonegate Dr
Stonehaven Rdg
Stonehenge Rd
Stonehill Dr
Stoney Point Ct
Stratford Dr
Strawberry Ln
Streamwood Rd
Stutely Ln
Suburban Ct
Sudbury Rd
Suddeth Rd
Sugar Loaf Dr
Sulky Dr
Sumac Ln
Summershade Dr
Summerwood Dr
Sumner Ln
Sun Mill Ct
Sundance Dr
Sundowner Ln
Sunny Brook Rd
Sunnyside Dr
Sunrise Dr
Sunset Ln
Sunstone Ct
Superior Dr
Surry Place Ln
Sussex Rd
Sutherland Ct
Sutherland Rd
Sutton Pl
Suzette Dr
Svenson Dr
Sw Plaza Dr
Switchgrass Ct
Sycamore Ln
Sycamore Row
Sylvan Rd

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